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Sports Massage & Recovery

By exercising regularly, the tension in your muscles will increase. This fatigue and decreased muscle function can negatively affect performance and future injuries.

A sports massage reduces the muscle tension that is built up during sports activities. The muscles are well released in the depth, which afterwards results in a fresher feeling during training and reduced muscle stiffness. It is a high-quality way to improve recovery after a heavy training or competitions. In addition, a massage therapy in the run-up to an important competition can be recommended to optimally prepare the muscles for sports performance.

A massage is for everyone, elite level or recreational, who aims for an optimal recovery after sports related activities. During the consultation, the muscle groups which should be treated will be determined on the basis of an intake interview. Your sports masseur will listen to your personal question and then perform the treatment.


  • Specific muscle group: +/- 25 minutes consultation, focusing on a specific region or muscle group.
  • General sports massage: +/- 45 minutes consultation, treating lower and/or upper limb and back depending on your sports and specific case.