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Sports Nutrition

Athletes are still insufficiently aware of the positive impact of well-balanced nutrition on their performance.

On the first place, proper nutrition improves the performance itself. Each sport has its specificity. For some sports power is the most important factor, for others speed or endurance. The right diet can substantially improve the performance. This is the domain of the sports dietitian. She will take into account the period in which the athlete is: competition-, training- or recuperation period and will formulate specific recommendations for each individual athlete separately. This because every person is different in terms of physique, metabolism, etc. Sports nutrition is a specialized job.

In addition, the right nutrition will promote recovery after the performance. Moreover, an appropriate diet will prevent injuries and/ or will help to heal them faster.

During injury time, for example, the energy needs will decrease because exercise is reduced. The body composition may change, the protein requirements may increase, etc. Also during these periods, it is advisable to consult the sports dietitian for specific advice.

In addition, the sports dietitian is available to answer the many questions that athletes may have about their diet, use of vitamins, supplements, nutrition during foreign training camps, competition, allergies, etc.